Monday, 25 April 2011

Police Brutality

Free Mark Emmery Rally (Was Peaceful)
This Guy Didn't Even See It Coming(Stupid Police)
Just For Sk8 Boarding (You See Police Create More Problems Than There Solving)
Ass Hole Cop Who Is Not A Dude (Harassing Young Kids For Sk8 Boarding)
Apparently Routine Policing (Cop Try's Lying To Cover His Ass For More Police Brutality)
Cop Abuses Power(This Change debate happens all the time but civilians don't mace each other over it)
You Think Maybe you Should Do Your Fucking Job Instead Of Getting your Dick Hard (Horrible)

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  1. Ridiculous how the abuse of power is managed...

    Makes a civilian wonder...


    if you'd like to check me back :D

  2. Abuse of power! I hate not the police them selves but what the badge stands for nowadays. Considering that all officers of the law are supposed to do is uphold peace. While in reality they are the ones who disturb peace more then us as civilians.
    as space man said Following/Supporting Cant wait to see more posts like this. The truth is out the and they can not hide it.