Tuesday, 5 April 2011


#1 Marijuana (Documentary)
#2 Alcohol (Comparison To Marijuana)
#3 Cocaine/Crack (Short List Of Effects)
#4 Nicotine Cigarettes (10 Facts About Smoking)
#5 Ecstasy/MDMA (Effects Warnings & How To "If You Must")
Detailed (Part 1)
Detailed (Part2)
 How To Tips
#6 Mushrooms(Documentary & Video To Watch While On Mushrooms)
Documentary (Cool To Watch)
Trippy Video (Worth Watching While High Or Not)
#7 Acid (Trip What To Expect, Effects & Info)
Short Documentary (Informational)
#8 Dimethyltryptamine/DMT (Documentary)
What Is DMT (Informational)
Information & Effects (Explanation)

I Do Not Recommend Use Of ANY Of Theses Drugs These Were Posted For Informational Purpose Only The Views And Opinions Of Users Are Solely Of The Producers And Shall Not Reflect The Beliefs And Views Of This Website Or It's Owners.I love smoking pot but other drugs can take a toll on your body, effects relationships and could lead you down the wrong direction in your life. Take all warnings seriously and use these videos for information use only. I have seen a lot of people get very messed up from these drugs and others not listed. By having knowledge on these drugs and others should provide you with the information needed to make a decision in your life have fun and be saf


  1. you mkae that spider you bitch crack spider lol

  2. insane thanks for the great videos saved me a lot of time searching individually